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About World Be Well

What excites Us

Finding answers to the community’s question: “What would it be like if we could eat our landscape?”

What Inspires Us

Residents owning, operating and profiting from cooperative enterprises growing nutrient dense food in their yards and neighborhoods. 

What We Focus On

We ensure that ANYONE who wants to become a Landscaper/Farmscaper, Cooperative Enterprise Owner, or to participate in the formation of an Independent Farm Cooperative, is successful.


The possibility begins in conversations. Declarations are made, commitments are kept and collaborators continue to offer their gifts of head, heart and hands.

Our focus is sustainable, accessible, local food, combined with workforce development and economic equity.

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The World Be Well mandate is to empower residents to own, operate and profit from cooperative enterprises growing nutrient dense food in their yards and neighborhoods.

We provide training and resources to those who have been traditionally marginalized or cut off from economic opportunity.

In tracking the metrics that matter, we create a World Being Well.

- Gurumantra Khalsa

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