About World Be Well

What Excites Us

An economic system that regenerates any resources it uses and includes an element of healing and restoration of our ecosystem.

The Doughnut Economy model addresses the growing imbalance between social and environmental factors impacting life on earth.

What Inspires Us

Finding answers to the community’s question: “What would it be like if we could eat our landscape?”

Residents owning, operating and profiting from cooperative enterprises growing nutrient dense food in their yards and neighborhoods.

What We Focus On

Food shed resilient communities and everything celebrating food abundance and sufficiency.

The economics of the commons. Strategies to preserve, restore and maintain lands for agriculture, habitat and workforce development.


The possibility begins in conversations. Declarations are made, commitments are kept. These creative collaborations are expressed through gifts of the head, heart and hands for the benefit of all.

A World Being Well


Regenerative Economic Development


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